There are 1.7 million apricot seedlings in Serbia, with an annual production of around 40,000 tonnes.

Apricot is a continental stone fruit. The fruit is yellow to orange sometimes red on the sun-exposed side, and with a single seed (kernel) inside a hard stone. The fruits ripen early. They are harvested from late June to late July.

It contains vitamins A, B2, B3 and C as well as beneficial natural sugars and calcium. In addition to magnesium, this stone fruit is also rich in phosphorus.

It is used in the food industry mostly for the production of juices, jams and compotes and brandies.

The most common varieties are Roksana, Kecskemeti rozsa.

  • IQF apricot hand-cut – Apricot is cut into halves along the suture line, pitted, of the same colour and degree of maturity. It is made from whole, fresh, healthy, equally ripe fruit, free from foreign matter and free from oxidized and overripe fruits